21 May 2007

11/05/07 - Bohemians 5-0 Longford Town

Last week proved to be a pretty good week to be a Bohs fan. Not only did they manage to beat Dublin rivals Shelbourne in the League Cup, but they also brought an end to their recent goal drought by smashing five past a poor Longford Town in the League.

Having finished early at work that day I headed to the pub before the game for a few pre-match pints. This is something I used to do quite often before games back in Scotland and it always helped get you in the mood for the match. Not being too familiar with the pubs around Dalymount I headed with a friend to a drinking hole nearby to the ground. Going in to local pubs can often be a bit dodgy, but with a name like "The Bohemian" I thought we would be on to a winner.

A pre-match pint before a game at Celtic Park normally a packed pub, a sea of green and white and fair bit of singing and shouting. Although the pub was fairly packed it didn't look like there was much chance of getting that in The Bohemian though. The only shouting was directed at the horse racing on the TV in the corner, while the only singing came from a group of old drunks in the far corner. As for a splash of colour, well, unless you count a few sets of black front teeth then The Bohemian drew a blank on that one too!

Even though it is located just 200-odd yards from the entrance to Dalymount, I only spotted one other person in the pub sporting the Bohemian FC colours. If I was hoping for a bit of pre-match banter, it looked like I had chosen the wrong place.

That thought was confirmed when we were leaving the pub just before kick-off. A regular, who had obviously over-heard myself and my mate talking about the game, asked what game we were talking about. When my mate said "the Bohs game at Dalymount tonight", he met with a blank expression. "Ah sure lads, Dalymount has been closed down for years," he drunkenly fired back at us. "Bohs haven't played there for years". we just laughed and headed on up to the game. It seemed that it wasn't just the wider Irish public who couldn't be bothered with the League of Ireland, but also the folks who lived just round the corner.

The game itself was decent. Bohs were by far the better side, however, I felt as though 5-0 had probably flattered them a little. Don't get me wrong, they were well worth the victory, but Longford were as poor as a team as I have seen all season. Still though, I've been a football fan long enough to know that you don't turn your nose up at a five nil victory, so I won't complain too much. Glen Crowe again impressed up-front though and he took all three of his goals very well. John Paul Kelly, who has disappointed so far this season, also delivered his best performance in a long time. Still alot of improving to do, but this was undoubtedly a step in the right direction. (For a full report on the game click here)

With a tough run of games to come against the likes of Cork, Galway and Sligo away and St Pat's at home, the three points were vital. It looked like we had finally found our way to goal too - not least Glen Crowe who's hatrick took his tally for the week to five and his season total to seven (in all competitions). Crowe is fast becoming one of my favourite Bohs players... all I have to do is learn the words to the song the other Bohs fans sing about him. Until then, it's still the name of Dessie Byrne that is destined for the back of my new Bohs home shirt!

After the game my mate took me along to the Gravedigger in Glasnevin for what he promised would be the best pint of Guinness in Dublin. Just a few sups in and I was inclined to agree. Another five pints later he was preaching to the converted!

For highlights of the game and post-match interviews click here.